Talking about the packaging of decorative materials

I remember that there was a sketch called "So packed". It was through the so-called cultural stage art to see some phenomena in life. Nowadays, with the improvement of people's quality of life, the “packaging” effect has been paid more and more attention by people, and at the same time it has promoted the rapid development of the packaging industry. The term “packaging” has also penetrated into every corner of our lives. The materials used in packaging have been packaged in the past from a single paper, plastic, cloth, etc., developed into a variety of material packaging, and also divided into flexible packaging, hard packaging and other forms. Moreover, with the various new demands placed on packaging by various industries, businesses in the packaging industry have also made great efforts. Not only are more and more tricks available, but various new types of packaging materials are also emerging. Let's say that decoration materials, doors, windows, furniture and other packaging, even wooden, stone and other materials of the floor tiles or blocks are also inside and outside the packaging, not to mention the variety of accessories, packaging is even more people Eyes.

According to a professional from the point of view of packaging materials, some high-tech materials have been used in the packaging field, some of which are being exposed in the packaging field or first-time tests, and some materials have great development potential. Among them, new plastics and alloys are used for product packaging and have good results. Special fiber packaging has also revealed its head. There are many types of modern fibers, and fibers with different chemical structures affect the strength of synthetic fibers to a great extent. Therefore, the strength of the fibers is greatly increased after the ray treatment process.

High-functional fiber materials have also been gradually applied in special synthetic fibers. Conductive fibers and magnetically conductive fiber composite plastics (films) are also widely used, mainly used in anti-static, electromagnetic and other sensitive packaging containers and packaging materials. The application of organic optoelectronic materials in special packaging has great potential. The resin-based composite material has a wide variety of polymer composite materials in which a variety of fibers, granules or films are compounded using a resin as a matrix. Such as the addition of conductive fibers into conductive functional materials, absorbing functional materials, adding ceramics, glass fiber and carbon fiber composite reinforced plastic, or different resin film multilayer composite composite materials, etc., its application is very wide.

In the reinforced fiber composite type, more than 30 kinds of fibers can be selected together. In the packaging has been widely used mainly laminated composite, coextrusion composite, mixed and reused types of composite materials. There are more modern types of modified materials, including metals, non-metals, ceramics, plastics, and multiple compounds. The surface modification of new materials used in the packaging industry is relatively more. For example, in order to improve the condensation performance of the packaging plastic film, vacuum vapor deposition technology is used to "coat" a very thin aluminum film and silicon oxide film on the plastic surface; the plastic film is processed by laser scanning; and chromate is used. Passivation technology surface modification of electrolytic iron foil, strengthen material properties. It can be said that there are numerous items and many varieties, but to use these talented materials in genuine goods will certainly have the effect of icing on the cake.

In daily life, each of us may have this experience: It is to look at the packaging well. In fact, when it comes to opening it, it is not so. There is a sense of being deceived. Once, I saw a friend who received a gift box that resembled the size of a pencil case, and it was brought from Japan. When she opened the outer wrapper, she saw that there was indeed a rigid carton pack. He opened the carton cover and saw a satin-faced inner package inside. He opened the inner package and saw her two eyes. With a look of horror, Minato went to see it. It turned out to be a pair of ear spoons. At that time, I immediately remembered the joke of the "home remedies." On another occasion, he received a “complaint” from a friend. The friend bought a new house, wanted to decorate it, and wanted to buy “decent” materials. So she went down the street and asked North to ask the North to buy back some very well-packed materials. There are plastic packaging and plus delicate packaging of the door, the packaging of the sealing window, the bathroom that is very envious of the unique glass products, the external shape of different colors and gold and silver hardware, and even floor, tile children are one by one wrap up. In particular, the barrel-shaped paint with a beautifully-shaped appearance is even more desirable. But soon, strange things happened: the lock of the security door couldn't be locked, it was inadvertently locked, and it couldn't be opened; the white, big glass sliding window was difficult for two people. Move it, it is big, glass breaks, paint is a test, it is fake “Nippon”... Manager Lu of Beijing’s Philharmonic House once told me that the doors and windows of Philharmonic House are high-end products. Therefore, it is the use of plastic film packaging and packaging of two layers; Beijing's "Fukang" floor company's manager Liu also told me that we fight is quality, not packaging, so our floor is not packaged ... so it seems that Good or bad decoration materials are not "a pack", or to see manufacturers, see the real materials.

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