How to distinguish between different material trolley case

【China Trolley Trading Network Trolley box transactions and trade information exchange to provide an excellent platform to improve the level of commodity exchange, standardize the behavior of commodity trading, to achieve ultra-large-scale network operators. 】 When shopping trolley case we not only concerned about the stylish appearance of the trolley case, but also can not be ignored internal material, the material inside the trolley case soft case and hard case can be divided into two categories, soft case material trolley case, the hard case is the opposite. Trolley materials commonly used in the market, such as canvas, nylon, EVA, leather and trolley case, are somewhat lighter in weight, good in toughness, beautiful in appearance, waterproof, compressive and impact resistant hard case and therefore more suitable for hiking or as a portable Boarding box is a good choice. Hard disk box, ABS, PP, PC, thermoplastic composite materials, the case of most hard drives, with high temperature, wear resistance, impact resistance, waterproof, compression characteristics, hard disk box is more suitable for long trips. ☆ Oxford cloth ☆ Oxford cloth is similar to the nylon cloth, wear-resistant, practical advantages, the disadvantage is that this trolley material is too popular, poor distinction between the luggage at the airport, heavier. ☆ ABS ☆ ABS is the latest trendy fashion trolley case material, the main feature is lighter than other materials, the surface is relatively flexible, rigid, impact resistance and better protection of the contents of the box, although the feeling of strong soft hand, but the actual Is very flexible, standing on top of the average adult, cleaning more convenient, the disadvantage is prone to scratches, but the settings on the box will be much better Oh. ☆ PU leather material ☆ Trolley case is a bit similar to cowhide, looks upscale PU leather material, but different suitcase afraid of water, the disadvantage is not wear-resistant, not very strong, but the price is low. ☆ canvas ☆ This material on the market Trolley Case is not very common, canvas, Oxford cloth has the biggest advantage of a fight, and is wearable, but it's the impact of Oxford cloth. ☆ PVC material ☆ Trolley case, PVC material, that is to say, hard case, anti-drop, waterproof, impact resistant, wear-resistant, fashionable features, you can say a lot stronger than ABS, is the most sturdy box, the surface is smooth and looks good , Do not worry about scratches caused by improper operation. The biggest drawback is that about 20 pounds at rest, to know that many airlines limit to 20 kg, is the weight of the box accounted for half ☆ leather material ☆ Leather trolley case is the most expensive, so the cost is very low, leather is a good quality, afraid of water, afraid of the mill, the pressure is scared, afraid of the plan, but as long as it is a very safe custody box value! Mengqi generally do not need to buy luxury trolley case is not worth it! Note: All for all, words and shorts to find out what material is the trolley case? Or depends on what you do with it! Travel suitable for ABS material, beautiful and stylish, and good distinction between luggage, due to light weight, can hold things. Mobile Oxford or PC (PVC), anti-fall, wear-resistant. To know more trolley information, please pay attention to the Chinese trolley transaction network Posted by: zpengdmjy