Supply printing tape

Supply printing tape

[ Printing Tape Product Introduction]

Printing tape http://

Color: a variety of optional substrate: BOPP

Thickness: 0.05 (mm) Processing Customization: Yes

Width: Custom (mm) Model: Sealing Printing Tape Manufacturer

Construction Notes: Can not be placed in the sun exposure Length: Custom (m)

Product Application: Sealing Bonding Scope of Application: Industrial

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Shanghai Quanquan Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. is located in Baixingxing Industrial Park, Dongjing Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai. With convenient transportation, since its inception in 2007, it has been steadily increasing its output value in 2010 through constant efforts, exploration and innovation. Rising, occupying a certain market position in the entire packaging field. With the increasing competition in the market, the company's development will also present a diversified pattern in the future, which will also enable the company to occupy market activity in the packaging industry and promote people's economic and cultural life more colorful. The company's main products are: printing tape , printing tape, transparent tape, double-sided tape, masking tape, kraft paper tape, warning tape, foam tape.

Plastic zipper packaging is probably one of the most creative packaging over the years. Transparent zip closures are the definition of practical and easy closing. A quick move and you have ensured complete protection of your products from any external variables.

If you want the best for your customers, plastic zipper packaging for your products is a must-have. Choose from a variety of color combinations and prints that will beautify your brand and make it easier for your customers. For even easier use, pack the products in zipper lock with a closure / zipper clip.

Somipack produce Zipper Packaging Bags/pouches in different types are per requirement of customer. Zippers varies by their raw material used in manufacturing, design as per custom requirement, printing with lamination or without lamination.

Zipper Pouch Samples Showcase:

BOPP Zipper bags with or without lamination

CPP laminated Zipper pouches with or without lamination

Multi layers nylon barrier laminated zippers

Polyster/ LDPE laminated Zipper pouch

Zipper bags implications according to market:

Personal & Home Care


Pharmaceutical Products

Agricultural Products

Type of Zipper bags/Pouches we manufacture:

Simple Zipper bags

Zipper Stand Up Pouches

Standard Zipper pouches

Zipper Packaging Bags

Zip Lock Packaging Bags,Zip Pouch Packaging,Kraft Paper Zipper Pouch,Zip Pouch Food Packaging

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