Double 11 home online shopping truth: delivery to whitehead return is not simple

Double 11 online shopping spree has entered the countdown of 3 days, and many online shopping platforms will join this consumer feast. Last week, Jinghua Home took some of the tricks for you to take care of your home products through the concept of speculation. In this issue, we continue to offer you a double 11 online shopping guide. Calculate the price, than the service, before you pay for it, buy online home products, pro, do you really count it?

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Online shopping always sounds beautiful, convenient and fast, and it seems that you can save a lot of money by catching up with the shopping festival of Double 11. Last year, the total sales of Tmall double 11 household products was more than 300 million, which shows everyone's shopping enthusiasm. However, after the double 11 last year, the evaluation of netizens generally reflected that there are many troubles in online shopping for large household items, such as slow delivery, high shipping costs, and being plagued by local dealers... online shopping for large pieces of furniture, double 11 is not as beautiful as imagined, this Period, this reporter for you to restore the truth of the double 11 home online shopping.

>>The truth of the price

Tmall only guarantees the lowest price within 57 days

The low price is the source of choice for everyone to choose double 11 shopping, some businesses promise that the double 11 products will be the lowest in the whole year, many people think that this is the lowest in the whole year, not to buy a loss, so they are fully prepared to start. But, is this the truth?

The reporter obtained a Tmall double 11 investment request from a manufacturer who participated in this year's Tmall Double 11 event, in which the price part has detailed regulations.

First of all, the final sale price of the double 11 activities of Tmall merchants' stores must be less than or equal to 50% and below the price of the tag/counter price (the products will not be included, the system will be automatically removed). Secondly, for products with SKU (fixed code of products), the final sale price of the double 11 activities must be less than or equal to 10% of the lowest price of the transaction order from September 15, 2013 to November 10, 2013; The final sale price of SKU's Commodity Double 11 activity must be less than or equal to 10% off the lowest price of the transaction order from September 15, 2013 to November 10, 2013. Third, if the merchandise has participated in the poly-costing since September 15, 2013, the final sale price of the double 11 activity must also be less than or equal to 10% of the price of the poly-sale transaction order. Fourth, the lowest price has already eliminated the gold price, store coupons, merchandise coupons, point redemption, spike, postal trial, million groups, pre-sales caused by the low price, has also been removed less than 10 yuan The low price caused by the price. Fifth, for new products, that is, products that have never been sold, the rule of the lowest price will be skipped, that is, the minimum price is considered to be met. Sixth, the double 11 shopping carnival activities goods and brand sale, pre-sale is mutually exclusive, mutual exclusion means that the same product can not participate in both sides at the same time.

After carefully studying the above regulations, it can be seen that Tmall does ensure that the prices of the Double 11 products are more favorable than those in a certain period of time. The final transaction price is the 57 days from September 15 to November 10, the lowest transaction price. 10% off. Therefore, the lowest price throughout the year is only the "imagination", "misunderstanding" of netizens, or the commitment of the merchants themselves.

In order to grab the benefits in advance, there are many netizens who participated in the pre-sale of brand furniture. The reporter also saw on Tmall that many furniture brands have sold pre-sold goods, and marked on the goods, the double 11 will increase the price by 10%, giving people a feeling of not missing. However, from the perspective of price regulations, pre-sales and double 11 activities are mutually exclusive, so "double 11 on the day, pre-sale must automatically increase the price, which is equivalent to the next frame." A merchant who participated in the event told the reporter.

New shelves will automatically skip the rules for the lowest price. Therefore, it is difficult to weigh the price of such products.
Offline prices are not necessarily high

The online shopping price must be lower than the physical store, which is almost everyone's consensus. However, the Jinghua home reporter survey found that online prices are not necessarily the lowest. Offline stores can be experienced and consulted at any time, and may be better negotiated in terms of price. For example, let the shopping guide give the last big promotion, the upstairs fee, installation fee, etc. may also be exempted.

The industry also pointed out that online furniture is too cheap and should be taken seriously. Although the same product line of the regular manufacturers may be a little cheaper, it will not be too outrageous. Although regular manufacturers go online, they save on offline venue fees. But online wants to "stand out" in millions of products, high publicity fees can not be saved. Calculating the cost, the formal products on the line can not be cheap without the "lower limit". Therefore, to remind everyone, if it is the same piece of furniture, the online is much cheaper than the offline, online products are likely to come wrong. In fact, the real cheap online is that some manufacturers design and develop e-commerce channels with relatively simple structure and low cost "network-only" products. In this way, online and offline products can open the price gap.

>>Service Truth

How does the service depend on online shopping channels?

One of the difficulties in making e-commerce for furniture is the pre-sales experience and after-sales service. However, from the evaluation of netizens after the sale of Double 11 last year, this short board was exposed.

After the Jinghua home reporter's survey on the current online sales of home products, the identity of the operator directly affects the buyer's product experience and the quality of service received.

The first is that the brand factory opens stores in e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and Jingdong, such as Gujia Home, Quanyou Home, and offline stores. In the previous interview, the reporter learned that in this case, due to the influence of online channels on dealer channels, it is often used in online stores to achieve differentiated operations. Simply put, the two channels sell different products separately.

Therefore, there is no comparability in the price of different products. If consumers want to experience the actual experience, they can find similar products in the physical store. Or you can go to the brand's offline experience store, Sina, Tmall and the store to cooperate with the offline experience hall. But even in such a place, the samples displayed are extremely limited, and it is unlikely that a complete experience will be possible. As for after-sales service, such platforms are generally responsible for dealers everywhere, but buyers pay extra.

The second is the manufacturer's self-built e-commerce channel, such as Qumei. Online and offline products, prices, and services are the same. Consumers can experience offline in the store, then complete the transaction online, and even complete online payments in the store. In this mode, the experience will be higher and the price system will be relatively stable.

The third is the e-commerce platform built by the store. Taking the actual home in the double 11 online as an example, Wang Ningning, deputy manager of the business management department of the Real Estate Group, said that it is mainly a service means. Consumers can actually experience the goods in the actual home, and then compare with other goods or other stores, if you really feel that the product of the actual home is worth buying, "it can be purchased directly online. You do not have to run a store. The corresponding service of the products purchased is of course completed under the system of the actual home.

The fourth type is the online store opened by local dealers with or without the authorization of the manufacturer. This kind of shop can find a lot of brand names in many online shopping platforms.

This is only equivalent to another store opened by dealers. The online and offline products are basically synchronized, and the prices are basically the same. Some shopkeepers will also tell you more about the style of the store, and welcome the actual experience. Local buyers can enjoy after-sales service.

In addition, there is also a store on some e-commerce platforms, the price is much lower than the formal channels, but the goods are unclear, generally do not provide after-sales service, product quality is not guaranteed.

Delivery or have to wait for "whiteheads"

Last year, the double 11 and the online sales were hot, which also reflected the poor after-sales service experience of large-sized household products such as furniture. The most criticized is the strange delivery.

According to the reporter's experience, if you buy goods in a normal home store, some goods produced in Beijing or in stock can even be installed within one week. The delivery period of products from foreign manufacturers is generally no more than 30 days in today's developed logistics. But online shopping, last year, buyers who bought all-Friends furniture reflected in the evaluation, the delivery period actually exceeded 4 months (the purchase date is not a double 11 orders surge period). However, the reporter asked the arrival time in the physical store. Although the online and offline products are produced in Sichuan, the offline products can reach the fastest delivery in 20 days.

Because the logistics is very slow, many buyers have complained about online shopping, and the moving date and even the wedding room decoration have been affected to varying degrees.

Insiders pointed out that online shopping flow is slower than physical. Because the physical store is a dealer to pick up the goods in batches, the efficiency is high, and the damage rate is also small, which is of course superior to the direct logistics time of the manufacturer.

Installation and distribution costs are not low

In the minds of most consumers, buying furniture at the store, free installation, and warranty should be a gift. In fact, the service fees of local dealers have long been included in the furniture price. Buying branded furniture online, this part of the cost is not reflected in the manufacturer's price. However, in order to control the products after the landing, consumers still have to pay. "Do not give money, local dealers will give you white work?" Industry insiders said.

This fee is not obvious in the price, but it is not a small amount. For example, the reporter found in this year's Tmall flagship store of Gujiajiao, the logistics description said that according to the different distribution areas, only when a certain amount of consumption is reached can the package transfer building (six floors below/elevator floor), package logistics, package installation, package The so-called five-pack service for home delivery and package logistics services. If you still choose to enjoy the five-pack service if the consumption quota is not full, you will have to pay another 5% of the consumption. The manufacturer also limited the minimum payment amount, taking the delivery area in Beijing as an example. The order amount is over 10,000 yuan, and you can enjoy five packs of service. The dissatisfied payment is 5%, but the minimum payment is 200 yuan. A sofa with a price of 2999.11 yuan, only 5% of the purchase price is about 149.9 yuan, but according to the actual rules of the family, it is necessary to pay more than 50 yuan.

All-Friends Home has clearly marked the logistics costs, regardless of how much it costs to buy a shipping fee, the Beijing area is 300 yuan / time. If you go to a store or logistics point, you are not responsible for installation and after-sales. The above two are not expensive, there is a furniture brand package delivery, installation, even to receive 12% of the payment.

In addition, there are other additional costs, such as the upstairs fee, more than 6 or 7 floors without elevators, many brands have to add upstairs fees. Last year, some buyers complained that they were harassed by local dealers during distribution and installation, and they paid more for the final payment.

There are also some merchants stipulating that if you can't pick up the goods in time, you will have to pay for the warehouse.


Plan carefully in advance

After all, online shopping is fast, how can we break through the double 11 battle and do worry-free shopping? Combining expert opinions and multi-party surveys on online shopping, we summarize several experiences for you.

Early stepping on the prevention day, no one cares

First of all, on the same day, the number of visits has soared. The customer service basically has no time to reply to your various consultation questions. Generally, the buyer is asked to place an order and lock the discount price on the day. After the event is over, talk again and again. Appropriate can choose to return the order. After the double 11 last year, the reason why many large brands return more than 100%, this is mainly the reason. In an earlier interview, several furniture brands told reporters that due to too many orders on the day, even with the addition of personnel, the work of confirming the order was carried out for almost one month.

General online furniture is made to order, and early confirmation of orders means that you can receive the goods as soon as possible. If you want the furniture to get to the hand, you may choose the style first, calculate the size yourself, and then read the logistics instructions in detail to see if you can deliver it to your city (of course, you can also ask customer service for help). Calculate the cost of the product plus logistics, installation, etc. What is the actual price? If the above is smooth, have time to go to the offline store to see the discounts and service levels under the line. A comprehensive comparison, which is more suitable to buy.

Beware of imposters and counterfeiting

Double 11 is a shopping carnival. In addition to the official stores on Tmall and Jingdong, other small businesses on other platforms have some actions. It is especially important to identify the official website. On Taobao, the search for the home with the home of the home, Red Star Macalline, and even the Oriental Home Building Materials Supermarket, which has already been closed, will still have many shops with these words. Jinghua Home has exposed some shops to make false promises, such as a store with the name of Red Star Macalline, even promised to shop in the online store, the problem can go to the local Red Star Macalline warranty, and finally proved to be "flawless" thing.

There are also some brands that have long been stated on the official website, not on the online platform. Therefore, these "brand" products purchased online not only do not receive warranty service, but are also directly judged as counterfeit and shoddy products. If it is not the same, Ai Ruisi issued a statement on the official website saying, "...any consumer products that are ordered online are pirated or fake and shoddy products." However, the reporter found that it is still easy to find claims on Taobao. Sell ​​the sellers of the above brands. Remind consumers here, don't want to be cheap, if you feel that the seller's online store is not large, or there is no authorization, or first go to the official brand official website to see, call the official phone to ask more insurance.

No reason to return is not simple

Another advantage of letting everyone experience the real thing offline is to avoid the embarrassment of returning goods. Tmall supports seven days without reason to return, many sellers also promised 60 days can be returned without reason. However, the freight is borne by the buyer if there is no quality problem with the goods. If you buy large pieces of furniture, you must first disassemble, and then ensure that the logistics is not damaged, plus logistics costs, which can be no small cost.

Merchants promise to leave evidence

When consumers purchase online products that require installation and require high warranty and maintenance, they should pay attention to the relevant service capabilities of the seller, and confirm the information provided by the seller by calling the manufacturer. If necessary, keep the seller's guarantee or promised mail, screenshots or chat records, and ask for valid invoices such as formal invoices and warranty cards.

There are mandatory standards for furniture countries. For example, sheet metal furniture, the minimum standard environmental protection level needs to reach E1 level, if the seller has a higher commitment, it also needs to retain evidence.

Some home products are not suitable for online shopping

(1). Furniture, building materials, etc., which are mainly made of glass, are prone to damage during transportation and are not easy to investigate. Moreover, some large-scale products are expensive, have many accessories, are complicated to install, and have high risk of online shopping.

(2). Tiles and floors are bulky, high in freight, easy to damage, and the amount cannot be accurately calculated. It is troublesome to make up and retreat, and it is prone to chromatic aberration.

(3). Ceramics, sanitary ware, lacquered furniture, etc., heavy weight, large size, easy to damage, if there is no outer packaging or outer packaging can not guarantee product safety, glazed surface is easy to be damaged and affect the appearance, and it takes more logistics to return Fees, etc.

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