The Selection and Processing of Online Pictures in Newspaper Publishing

With the popularity of the Internet, a large number of online pictures emerged. Newspaper editors need to use some online pictures in order to meet the layout needs. In addition to copyright and other reasons, online pictures can not be used casually. The main problem is that the accuracy of online pictures is not enough. After the newspapers are printed, the pictures are not clear, and there are even problems such as "mosaics". How to properly select and handle online pictures to ensure their printing results, we do some research here.

There are a variety of online pictures and you should pay attention to the following points when choosing.

1. Try to choose some contrasting, contrasting photographs Due to the limitation of printing conditions, the number of newspaper printing screens is relatively low, and the picture level performance is poor. On the other hand, the online pictures are basically too small. If the picture level is too rich, printing cannot be performed. Such as sunset afterglow photos, the level is very rich, the monitor looks very beautiful, after printing will find the picture effect has been greatly reduced; and contrast, contrast picture, originally layered is not strong, but the gap is not large after printing.

2. Photographs of people on the Internet To select panoramic or medium-size photos, use fewer close-ups When people look at pictures, they are very sensitive to the faces of people. Therefore, the face close-up photos of people have high requirements for hierarchical definition. If the photo is too small to be expressed, the face color of the person after printing is piece by piece, and it is easy for the reader to feel that the quality of the picture is not good. In some panoramic or middle-view photos, the characters' faces are very small, focusing on the movements of the characters, so that the reader ignores some details and the defects of the pictures will not cause much concern.

3. Use less or no online charts Charts are more intuitive, but the quality of the text in the chart is very poor after output in the image format, often appearing jagged, so that the reader can not see the content. If you must use a chart, it is recommended that editors ask the image processing staff to remove the text, re-create the text block in the layout, and place it in the image.

Online image size

Unlike online photography and photography, the biggest difference is the size of the picture, which determines the quality of the printed picture. In general, the size of a picture file is directly proportional to the layout size of a picture in a newspaper. Because of the speed and other issues, the online pictures are mostly JPEG format, and the file size is usually only tens of KB or even more than 10 KB and several KB. Now works with digital cameras that are also saved in JPEG format, 3 million pixels, medium-precision photography, and the file size is also hundreds of kilobytes. Later, after many attempts, we found that if you want to use online pictures in newspapers, under normal circumstances, the picture file is required to be larger than 20KB, and the size of photos in newspapers is within 6cm*10cm. In other words, the size of the online image used in the layout should be the original size (after the resolution is changed to 200dpi), and even if it is enlarged, it should not exceed 120%. Such a large image will not appear too poor in quality when printing. .

Online image processing

The processing methods of online pictures and photographic works are basically the same, but the processing degree is not the same and the requirements for photo adjustment are higher. The processing of some details can often determine the final printing quality.

1. Save pictures in TIFF or EPS format Pictures in JPEG format take up less system resources, faster transmission speeds, and prints that are not required to be used in newspapers are not a bad idea. However, JPEG is a picture storage format of lossy compression algorithm, and some data will be lost each time it is saved. This is a disaster for online pictures where the original picture information is not much, and this is not the case in TIFF or EPS format, so it is saved. Use TIFF or EPS format for pictures to reprocess the pictures multiple times.

2. Processing pictures in RGB mode and saving pictures in CMYK mode The RGB mode is the color mode adopted by all devices based on the principle of optics. The color gamut is larger than the CMYK mode. Therefore, when the picture is processed in the RGB mode, a wider color will be obtained. Space and more subtle and varied editing effects. The picture used for printing the film must be in the CMYK mode, so the picture mode must be converted before the film is released. It should be noted that the picture will undergo some color changes when the picture mode is converted. The picture in CMYK mode is always darker than the picture in RGB mode. After conversion, it should be observed first to confirm that the picture can be output without color cast. If you are not satisfied, you should immediately cancel the conversion of the color mode, it must not be converted back to RGB color mode, resulting in irreversible color loss.

3. Sharpness adjustment of the picture sharpness If the sharpness emphasizes (sharpness) is not enough, the outline is unclear and the picture is blurred; if the sharpness emphasizes too much, the picture outline is blunt. The control of the sharpness directly affects the picture quality. Online pictures usually have low precision, low level, and easy to paste. Therefore, sharpening is by no means a process that can be done. It is a part of the online picture prepress processing that must be done. It is the most effective means to improve image clarity. For different types of pictures, it is necessary to find the right level of sharpening in practice. From the display screen effects, the sharpness of a person's picture is usually a bit too good, and for some landscape pictures, the degree of sharpening can also be Bigger.

4. The adjustment of the level of online pictures and adjustment of color levels must first meet the printing requirements. The main levels should be concentrated in the middle area, that is, 20% to 60% of visually sensitive areas. Secondly, the adjustment of important parts should be ensured according to the manuscript content and level distribution. Accuracy, such as clothing, face, etc.; again, to adjust the value of extreme light or shade, can not be a large area of ​​network, generally controlled at 2% to 95%. The color adjustment of online pictures is mainly to keep in mind that newsprint has 3% to 5% of grayscale. Make some dim pictures brighter.

5. Appropriate use of Photoshop's Intellihance filter Photoshop is an international professional image processing software, its Intellihance filter uses the interpolation method to enlarge the image compensation, can add a small picture resolution and size, processing When using online pictures, you can use them appropriately. However, the Intellihance filter cannot increase the level and color of the picture. In addition, there are some special image magnification compensation software such as S-spline, which is similar to its function.

Many sources have warned that it is best not to use online pictures as much as possible when choosing newspaper images. We can often use them in practical work. As long as you choose the right one and handle it meticulously, you can also make online pictures work in newspapers.

Source: "Printing Technology" No. 6 of 2005

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