Color printed plastic wheel cover

Application (Patent) No.: CN200520005866.8 Filing Date: 2005.03.11 Name: Color Printed Plastic Wheel Cover (publication) No.: CN2774820 Date of Publication (Advertisement): 2006.04.26 Main Classification Number: B60B7/02 (2006.01) I Division Original Application No.: Class No. B60B7/02(2006.01)I Date of Issuance: Priority: Application (patent) Person: Zheng Shen Enterprise Co., Ltd. Address: Taichung City, Taiwan Invention (Designer): Hong Zhaoyi International Application: International Publication: Date of Entry into the Country: Patent Agency: Beijing Sanyou Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. Agent: Dong Huishi Abstract The utility model discloses a color printed plastic wheel cover, which mainly comprises a plastic substrate vacuum. The shaped rim cover body has a plate body and a plurality of annular ridges, and a printing pattern layer formed by printing is formed on the rim cover body, and can be further selectively printed on the printing pattern layer. Coating a protective layer, wherein the printed pattern layer and the wheel cover body The material substrates are fused and connected, and the complete attachment to the wheel cover body includes the entire body of the disk body and the multiple ring ridges. In terms of appearance, even the outer surface having a curvature portion can maintain its flatness and easily form a shape. With the complex patterns of patterns, the appearance quality of the plastic wheel cover is greatly improved. Sovereignty item 1. A color printed plastic wheel cover, characterized in that the plastic wheel cover comprises: a wheel cover body vacuum formed by a plastic substrate, the wheel cover body has an outer surface and an inner The bottom surface is provided with a plate body and a plurality of ring ridges formed on the plate body; and a printing pattern layer formed on the rim cover body, the printing pattern layer has a fused surface adjacent to the wheel cover body. The printed pattern layer is integrally adhered to the rim cover body through the melting surface and the plastic substrate of the rim cover body by fusion, and includes a disc body and a plurality of ring ridge portions.

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