Demand for various printing inks will reach 300,000 tons in 2005

With the rapid and steady development of the national economy, it is expected that the demand for printing inks in China will increase this year.

According to reports, by the end of this year, China's printing ink consumption will reach about 300,000 tons. In recent years, offset printing inks still dominate the domestic market, with a share of over 50%. It is expected that the growth rate of web offset printing inks for domestic news publishing will be very fast this year; the demand for gravure printing inks will remain generally stable; the demand for plastic printing inks, food packaging printing inks, and water-based inks will increase; printing inks for letterpress printing Demand will drop substantially, but the flexographic printing inks will increase rapidly with the rapid growth of the packaging industry; the demand for screen printing inks will also increase.

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