Founder Feitun FAQ 22 (1-10)

1. Feiteng version 3.14 was running on Win2000, but after the file was saved, an error was opened and an unexpected file format was reported. Why?

Answer: Since Feiteng 3.14 version does not support running under Win2000, the latest version of Feiteng is 4.1. It can support windows2000/XP, and Feiteng 3.14 version can only run under windows98.

2. Do black and white newspapers, but pictures are colored. Which method should be used?

A: (1) Turn photos into grayscale in photoshop. (2) Use the "turn to black and white version" command in the file menu. (3) Do not convert, output the gray output in the PSP.

It is best to convert pictures to grayscale in photoshop, this method is the most secure. Moreover, the image mode conversion is still handed over to the image processing software. Similarly, what format is best handled by software that supports this format.

3. Does Feiteng arrange chemical molecular chains? How can it be used? If not, how can it be achieved?

Answer: Feiteng can't arrange chemical molecular chains at present. The old Vession system can. You can use other software such as VISIO, then it can be exported to Feiteng software in graphic form, or it can be arranged in book format and converted into EPS file. Insert it into the fly.

4. There is a book that is lined with words, with the shading of photos and words in the lower row. Can you open it up with Feiteng? If it can be opened, will there be any changes? What issues should be noted?

A: Feiteng can import simple word files and keep the original text, but the format will change, and it is recommended to use the word97 formatted document.

5. Why is the line spacing in Feiteng either unusable or large?

A: This is because the alignment type is used in the Feiteng, as long as: the drop-off typesetting option can be canceled to adjust the line spacing.

6. Feiteng 4.1 does not have a help file. Is this not genuine?

A: There is no help file in the Feiteng 4.1 official version. Please use the genuine Feiteng user manual.

7. After the word text is pasted into the FIT, the Chinese quotation mark becomes the question of the quotation mark.

A: This is a word problem. It has nothing to do with Feiteng. The double quotation marks in such a doc file are not the Chinese character codes but 01093 and 01094. Such a doc file must be reopened with word and saved as a word 97 compatible (cancel 97 unsupported features), and it will be OK.

Another method: use word to save as plain text, or in the fly, use the search and replace function, first replace the left quotation mark, skip one, and then replace, and then replace the remaining quotation marks with right quotation marks.

8. When posting to a PS file, include where the picture information is set. If the selected environment contains the picture information, copy the PS file to send film, you do not need to copy the picture yet?

A: In the Feitun 4.1 environment settings, there is an option to include image data. If you include the image information in the environment settings, you do not need to copy the image, but the amount of information in the ps file will be large.

Suggestion: It is not recommended to do this in your own organization. However, if you want to export the center hair piece to the outside, you can do so, so that you can avoid missing pictures or missing pictures when you copy pictures.

9. The file with the suffix PS can use PSP to preview the content. If you want to convert the text into a FIT file or a text file, what can you do?

A: The PS file cannot be converted to a FIT file. It can be converted to a TXT file through Quanzhen software. In addition, it can be converted to an e-book format through Wenyi software or APABI software. The most inconvenient method can be printed out and scanned, and recognized by OCR software. .

10. Founder Feiteng 4.0 form how can not mirror?

A: Using the mirror command does not have any effect. If the trial zoom tool pulls the handle on the edge to perform the super limit deformation, you can get the mirror effect.

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