ANTEC-ECD DECADE II Electrochemical Detector

Application range of ANTEC electrochemical detector: When the measured object needs high selectivity or very high sensitivity (substance that cannot be detected by UV detector), as long as the measured object can undergo oxidation reaction (acid, phenol, etc.). --- Clinical application of biochemical nervous system (including psychiatry) - early detection of tumors (especially suprarenal tumors), such as: Catecholamines (only ECD can detect) Epinephrine or Adrenalin dopamine (Dop-amine) Norepinephrine serotonin (Serotonin), etc. --- Detection of trace inorganic particles (such as iodide ions) in the food industry - accurate detection of urine, blood and brain tissue fluid Micro-cancer substance

The 4+2 seats golf carts(with all seats facing forward) our factory produce with gas and battery power,it can be with lights or without lights systems,without lights systems are mainly for personal transportation, different colors as your requirement are available,the types of our two seat golf carts incluce EZGO,YAMAHA,CLUB CAR, the extra options like rear basket,rain cover,,sun shade cover,music player,alloy rim,,ect are all available as your requirements, our 4+2 seats golf carts with many use purpose,like golf course,for personal usage,touring,park,,etc, the most outsanding feature of our 4+2 seats golf carts is high cost performance, the motor we use is 4kw Ac Or 3kw Dc, battery is 150ah,6 cells 8 volt deep cycle storage battery that with the max range over 100kms for each charge,battery lifespan is up to 800 tims recharge cycles, we also accept all kinds of OEM services for our golf carts, welcome for your inquiry for the details!

4 Seat Ers Golf Carts with 2 rear seats

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